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My name is Michael Lytle and this is my fight blog.  I have loved martial arts since I was a boy and have been training formally since 2000.  I fight because I was created to LIVE and one of the times I feel most alive is when in the throws of combat.  Thanks for visiting my  fight blog.  You can also check me out at:




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About My Name

In traditional Christian thought Michael the Archangel is believed to be the angelic being who leads the armies of God into battle.  He can be found a few places in the Bible fighting against evil, injustice, Satan and his minions.

Angel also means “messenger”.  The word pastor is sometimes translated “angel” in the Bible, for they are God’s messengers carrying the good news of salvation (the news that the Creator God wants to be in relationship with you and I, His creation).  I am a pastor,  I am a fighter, therefore I am Michael the Archangel.

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  1. Rachel Lytle says:

    YO! I can’t see what I’m writing right now. the cursor is moving but the text is white.lik the background. awesome website by the way! you’re so talented, brother. please give me some info on thenovember 20th fight! julia emily and patsy want to go and need ticket info. Love Rachel, your proud sister