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Lonestar Beatdown review- Amateurs to watch

  • September 19th, 2010 9:38 pm CT

Mick Maynard, who promotes the Legacy Fighting Championships, brought some attention to the Houston amateur scene Saturday night. There were a total of 13 fights on the card, and the evening was action packed throughout. There were three title fights, and none of them were disappointing. It ended up being a great night for fans, and the fighters learned a little bit more about themselves, perhaps enough to know if they are ready to fight on a professional level.

The three title fights were for the lightweight (155 lb.), welterweight (170 lb.) and middleweight (185 lb.) crowns. Perhaps the most impressive performance of the night was that of Alex Morono, who won the 170 lb. title in the most closely contested fight on the card. Morono showed good enough skills from his back that his opponent had no interest in going back down there with him. He also more than held his own in the standup. The Chad Robichaux protege appears that he could still use some seasoning, but is unquestionably a very nice prospect.

In the 155 lb. title fight, Michael Lytle defeated Ola Siyanbola by submission in the 4th round. Both fighters showed that they could strike, as well as take strikes. Lytle looked like he was in trouble at one point, but he survived the best that Siyanbola could throw and finished the fight in impressive fashion. He also celebrated in impressive fashion, landing a front flip as he let out a celebratory yell.

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