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Michael Lytle Lonestar Beatdown Sept. 18   Live Coverage Michael Lytle Name Ola Siyanbola Ola Syianbo Lonestar Beatdown Sept. 18   Live Coverage
NR TCD rank #3
155 Weight 155
4-1-0 Record 3-0-0
AXS Gym Hoger MMA
Sub of the Night Cand.Fight of the Night Cand.


The crowd is clearly in the hometown kid’s favor as Ola takes on Michel Lytle of Austin, TX. Ola attacks with a push quick and punches as Lytle comes back with high kicks of his own. Spinning cresent kick by Lytle misses. High kick by Ola. Jumping knee by Ola connects and Lytle tries to get it to the ground. Fast sprawl by Ola and Lytle covers up. Ola having his way with Lytle on his feet. Just seems way faster… Lytle still composed and going for plenty of spinning kicks. Jump front kick by Lytle now. Both fighters now slowing a bit and looking to measure as the round ends with Ola falling into mount. Great fight so far!


Ola looking to measure to begin round 2. Lytle now looking to get deep on the leg for a single. Ola defending well with the crossface and spinning Lytle against the cage. Trading now with Lytle looking to be slowing a little. Spoke too soon as Ola is taken down and mounted by Lytle. Michael turns and gives up his back to get out and it works! Round ends with a suplex by Lytle.


Lytle swinging hard to begin round 3. Ola looks like the fresher fighter but Lytle is pushing. Jumping knee and uppercuts hurt Lytle! Michael tries a leg trip but Ola falls to side control. Knee on belly now and Ola looks to finish with an armbar. Ola postured in Lytle’s open guard now and striking down. Lytle with the sweep now and on top of Ola. Trading leglocks now as the round ends.


This has been a war so far!

Left, right, spinning hook kick by Lytle. Ola pulls guard and is slammed by Lytle,  who looks to pass. In half guard now  and Mike passes to mount. Punches down now and Ola is having trouble hipping out. Armbar attempt by Lytle and Ola is submitted at 1:53 in round 4!



Michael Lytle via armbar submission in round 4.

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