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Lonestar Beatdown Makes Every Fight Count

Written by Andrew Fiduk

Saturday, 08 May 2010 18:45

Lonestar Beatdown Makes Every Fight Count Photos: Shama Ko

Friday night, May 7th, saw the normally senior citizen and craft-show friendly Palmer Events Center in downtown Austin, turn into a forum for some of Texas’ best amateur talent to showcase their fighting prowess.

The prevailing theme of the evening’s event was making every fight count, as not every scheduled fight occurred. Two of the originally scheduled twelve fights were cut from the card, including two different lightweight match-ups that were consolidated into one bout because of so many of fighters pulling from the event.

The Lonestar Beatdown series is a promotion known for living up to the potential of mixed martial arts in terms of fast paced excitement, and last night was no different as we saw 18 different fighters enter the cage with war in their eyes; some left with victory, and others left with a mouth full of blood and a laundry list of needed improvements. The Lonestar Beatdown was successful once again in giving Texas MMA fans the best amateur caged combat has to offer.

Texas Combat Sports Submission of the Night: Lytle Shows Grappling Savvy in S.O.T.N Over Russell.

Both Michael Lytle (AXS) and Aaron Russell (CTC) used a few exchanges for their feeling out process before ending up in an over-under clinch just off the edge of the cage. Lytle took quick advantage by locking his hands behind Russell, extending his hips and executing a gorgeous and violent hip-toss, putting Russell flat on his back and in side mount.

Despite the impact, Aaron Russell was able to get a knee between them, push off, and walk his back up the cage enough to get on his feet once again and drive into Lytle. Russell regretted this move instantly as Lytle was waiting for just enough resistance to sidestep, control Aaron’s hips, and perform a second vicious hip-throw.

This time, as Russell attempted to distance himself from his opponent, Lytle threw his leg over in attempt to take the back, and during the transition both combatants end up standing up against the cage. Russell took the opportunity to enact his revenge by grabbing a double-leg along the cage, arching Lytle, and slamming him to the mat. The initial slam and transition ended up with Russell in Lytle’s full guard, where he wasted absolutely no time grabbing Russell’s over-extended arm and throwing his leg over for the armbar. Russell began stacking Lytle in defense, but Lytle manages to sweep Russell over into a perfect back-down armbar finish. Lytle won by armbar at the end of round 1 and gets my vote for submission of the night.

(Full article can be found here at US Combat Sports.)

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