A Swing and a Miss!

(Main Article Photo and Fight Photos Coming Soon)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a shot at the Texas Amateur Fight League and North Texas Ultimate Fighting, Featherweight Title. It was a swing and a miss! I went toe-to-toe with Javier Obregon in a battle that one commentator hailed as the “fight of the year in North Texas.” We went back and forth, up and down and all around the cage. Javier bested me in the ground and pound and we exchanged some pretty vicious blows while on our feet. At one point I dropped him with a left hook, at another he dazed me with right to the temple. At another point I caught him in the head with an upkick but he kept coming. In the fourth round he was able to get the stoppage after gaining mount. Although I think we had a couple five minutes rounds mixed in there and the stoppage might of been a little early, I can’t complain as I was pretty gassed when the fight was called.  One of my strong points is usually my stamina and ability to keep coming forward, that strength seems to be lost for me every time I cut weight to fight at 145.  (Except for in my first fight at 45…hmm) Back to the drawing board!
Congrats to Javier; great fight man. Thanks to Alex Madrid, Nick Pahanish and the rest of the TAFL/NTUF crew for putting on another great show. Looking forward to the bright future of this promotion.
Thanks to my foundation–my Creator, my wife, family and friends, I couldn’t do it without you. Jennifer, Rachel and Julie, yall rock. Nobody screams louder than yall!
Thanks Bob, Matt and Devon for the behind the scenes stuff, the promoter communications, preparations, corner work, driving, etc.
Thank you Guerrilla Fitness (Ryan and Mike for a place to train, Mike for the training and sparring, Richard for the nutritional guidance). Thank you Fit and Fearless (Ernesto and Omar for providing an atmosphere that draws elite grapplers and for gracing them with your fight and fitness knowledge)
Thank you MMA fans! Keep supporting your favorite fighters, we need you.

(fight photos coming soon)

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