TAFL Light Weight Title

Each fight keeps getting tougher! I thought I had my opponent in the first minute after taking his back following a takedown.  Burt hung tough though.  He later told me that I would have had to put him to sleep to have won via RNC.  After some tough back and forth stand up and grappling I was able to get him in a triangle choke from which I transitioned into an armbar to get the tap and the win in the second round. Great fight Burt!  Thank you to my God for the opportunity to LIVE!  Thank you to my family for their unceasing support (I love you Jennifer!).  Thanks Bob, Matt and Julie.  Great cornering Matt!  Thank you Guerrilla Fitness, Rubicon Fight Sport and Fit and Fearless, training is where it starts!  Thank you TAFL/NTUF and fight fans for putting on a great show!

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