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Passionate husband-father-preacher-teacher-writer-fighter, I am thoroughly intoxicated with living life because I am possessed by its Author.

I have one question for you: “Are you truly living?” Here’s how you can answer that question. How do you define pain and suffering? Your answer to that question will determine everything. Your answer to that question will determine the level of your hope and the virility and fruitfulness of your life, not just for you but for others. If you have no answer to that question, time is ticking my friend.

Did you know time itself is mortal? One day time itself will die. It will fade into a simple dimension in the realms of eternity. Where will you be?

We mortals are slaves to the seemingly immortal, time.

But oh mortal time (morteltyme), one day you too shall cease.

The question though is not whether time shall cease

but whether you and I will cease.

In Truth, we can find hope for tomorrow

And promise of that life that follows our appointed death.

Seek Love, seek Truth, seek Life,

Seek Jesus.

It is He who is the absolute beginning and end to all that is.

Seek the Alpha and Omega. Godspeed to the righteous.”


What’s your speed friend? 


Michael Phillip Lytle (morteltyme)


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